Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Self-checkout Lines

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
Many stores are removing regular checkout lines for self-checkout. These stores are saving money on employees by having patrons do the job the cashiers would be doing.

They may be pitching it as a time saver: which may be true, if the cashiers, on-shift, are incompetent. But, it takes the same amount of time for me to pass an item across the IBM scanner as it does for cashiers. It takes the same amount to time to bag and cash out. So...

Why aren't we getting a significant discount for doing it ourselves. A portion of the money that they are saving could be passed onto the patrons, as a better incentive to using self-checkout. As it stands, they open fewer checkout lines, forcing patrons angrily check themselves out.

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Come on Tide!

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
Tide is running a commercial where a restaurant server claims that she uses Tide Pods because they are concentrated. Additionally, she does not use other detergents because they are mostly water.

Anyone that does laundry knows that laundry detergent is diluted in water to wash clothing. If a laundry detergent is already liquid, and doesn't have to broken down, it should start cleaning immediately.

Also, Tide still makes liquid laundry detergent. So, the commercial is bunking their own product.

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Angry...

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
I am quite angry. I shopped at the Boone, Iowa Walmart, store 01389, picked up 18 items. When I checked out, I used Walmart Pay. It connected. There was an error in processing. The cashier said she needed alternate payment. I used the same card that is registered in Walmart Pay. It went through. The cashier gave me my printed receipt and I left. I for a 1/4 mile away, then I got an e-receipt from Walmart Pay. I checked my checking account and found two charges for the same amount ($66.19 on debit and $66.19 on Walmart Pay). I returned to the store. The customer service representative asured me that it would clear up by Monday, without clearly hearing the situation. Certainly, if it clears up and I'm reimbursed $66.19, I'll gladly apologize for my anger. I've used Walmart Pay previously, with no problem. I hope this does resolve. TC# 7730 6955 4687 3796 5632, Date: 10/05/16, Time: 14:23:57

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: An Ohio first grader has reportedly been disciplined for pretending to shoot a classmate with an imaginary bow and arrow.

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From OpposingViews: 'I Didn't Really Understand': Parents Upset After Ohio School Suspends 6-Year-Old Over Power Rangers Recess Game

An Ohio first grader has reportedly been disciplined for pretending to shoot a classmate with an imaginary bow and arrow.

My response: Okay... The kid wasn't armed, but had arms, had nothing in hand, but had hands, and shot an imaginary arrow (I don't know anyone that shoots bows) with an imaginary bow. ??? Is having an imagination illegal? Oh, I bet the school wanted the imaginary bow and arrow to be registered. I can see the announcement, "Boys and girls, if you have imaginary weapons, please leave them and your imagination at home. Also, shut your brains off while on campus. There is an over-abundance of imaginative people in the world."

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Update on woman bitten by tiger at Omaha zoo

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From KCCI: Intoxicated woman who tried petting a tiger and got injured.

A reader's response: I think the zoo should file a lawsuit in behalf of the Tiger, for trespassing, harassment, and assault.

My response to that: And, contributing to the delinquency of a tiger... She was intoxicated, so the fingers had to be well marinated. Could have arson on the table - depending on what she drank, the fingers could've been combustible.

And, my response to the article: No more ladyfingers for the kitty kitty... Tiger will have to settle for Meow Mix or Frosted Flakes...

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Donald Trump just unveiled a major plan to reform the VA

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From America News: Donald Trump promised a crowd of supporters at a Norfolk, Virginia, rally that he would reform the "corrupt" and "incompetent" Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Do you think his proposals have what it takes to help America's veterans?

My response: REALLY? Flashback Tuesday! Let's set the stage... John McCain was a service member, is a veteran, served in Vietnam, was captured (POW). ( Google trump+mccain+war+hero ) Trump didn't recognize him as a war hero, because he was captured. What service did Trump serve in? Apparently, everyone is listening to the here and now, and not remembering what was said, just 4 months ago. As a veteran, myself, Trump's statements cannot be forgotten - Every year, every Memorial Day, we honor POWs (ding ding), those that sacrificed their lives, those that sacrificed of their bodies, those that are in harm's way now. The rest of us have Veterans Day. Before jumping on the bandwagon, talk to a veteran. Anyone that has to retract statements regularly, because of statements made about Veterans, constituents and other countries, shouldn't be leading. Have to admit - he is a savvy businessman, within his organization, he can say anything; but when it comes to those who served, charging the red white and blue through the fight, there is no time to retract. A promise to a veteran has to be kept - we, they, were and are the only reasons people have the freedom to make the choices they do today.

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Customer assaults Burger King manager with chicken nuggets

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From KCCI: An angry customer threw chicken nuggets and fries at the store manager and struck her in the head, according to a police report. The suspect exclaimed, ''You can give me my (epithet) money back ‘cause that (food) is cold.''

My response: Alrighty... Gimme my money or I'll nug you up! This story kinda goes with a recent story about a police officer who drank cleaning solution that was in an iced tea dispenser at a McDonald's. Things like this wouldn't happen if the managers and employees paid more attention to detail, quality and their customers. Many of these businesses need to go back to their foundation and learn their core values again. Just doing the minimum, pushing speed and not quality, keeping old food because it is inconvenient to cook up new OR trying to save the overall wasted food for the day (If it is old or cold, throw it the out. Something that would have happened years ago, before generations of slackers.), People will gladly pay more for quality, than to waste the gas, to drive back, because their food is cold or old or wrong. Not funny that the person could have been injured; but, the statement "The store manager wasn't injured."

Do your nugs hang low
Do they wobble to the flo
Do you throw'em in a fight
Are they stanky, Are they cold
Could you knock a brotha out
wit' a single nugget throw
Do your nugs hang low... LOL

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Indianapolis Cop Seriously Harmed After Getting Cleaning Liquid In Tea At McDonald's

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From OpposingViews: This police officer thought he was purchasing a normal cup of tea at McDonald's. It wasn't until he began drinking that he realized someone had made a big mistake.

My response: Way back in the day, when I was a manager at McDonald's, we removed items that needed cleaning from the lobby. Included ketchup dispensers. Everything was scrubbed and washed, on the spot; never soaked. With the "modernization" of McDonald's, they are going away from the quality and focus they had. Ray Kroc and the McDonald's brothers would flip their lids on where McDonald's is now. Less attention to detail, all focused on trends and speed, less on quality and personal touches. Competitiveness in the market shouldn't mean being careless; like soaking/cleaning something (unattended) in the lobby - other things noticed: mopping without signs and cleaning tables with the same towel that was used on seats <- other things that would not have happened, regardless of the franchise, back in the day. Sounded like a cleaner that we used to clean the shake, ice cream machines, and condiment dispensers (Sanitizer - bleach like cleaner), degreaser doesn't sound logical in any part of the lobby. I hope he recovers well.

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: Should other parents be responsible for another child's special food requirements?

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From HLN: Okie dokie... Let's hit a few points before getting to question and the pic. Can't shame HLN - Whether or not they released the article, pic went viral - It was viral before HLN got it. What they are simply asking is "What do you think?" The question: Absolutely not. My children are my ultimate responsibility, not yours, not my parents, not even the Dr. that delivered them; Mine. With that, the creator of the flyer (not the pic) wants the public to curb their treat traditions for the sake of their kid. Back in the day, as if it was really a long time ago, my sister and I were given instructions on Trick or Treating: 1. Watch for traffic. 2. Candy and treats from people you know into our plastic pumpkin bucket. 3. Candy from people you don't know, trash it or put it in the baggie that she gave us. 4. Stick together. 5. Be good. 6. Share. 7. No more than 10 pieces of candy before coming home (Back in the day, it didn't start until dark and could go on until 10PM - curfew). 8. All candy in the baggie has to be checked for foreign objects and tapering. 9. Never take candy, it should be given (for the possibility there are objects in the bowl that could hurt us. NOTE: There were 10 of them and can't remember the last one. That was my parents, curbing us; not our family curbing the public. I respected what my mom's rules; she got what she wanted, plus parental candy tax and I got what I wanted, which was candy. I outgrew most of my allergies; up to that point, my parents educated me on the severity of them, so I knew not to cross that line, with stuff I didn't know I was allergic to. If the parents would rather have the public cater to their child, maybe that family should supply the public with candy to hand out or they should just stay safe and stay home. If I had a sensitive suspension on my vehicle, I couldn't ask to have potholes and cracks fixed wherever I go. I have to police my own vehicle (fix the suspension) and ride bumpy like everyone else. As for the poster of the pic, they probably saw the flyer and said "What the @#$%?!?!?!!?!" Snapped the pic and off to Cha-ching-ville. Off subject, but in the article: "Spirit sticks" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I will have to use that one!

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Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster  Title: 2016 Republicans vs. the media

Author: Bernard S. Cockerham, Jr., Webmaster
From KCCI: Republican presidential candidates tore into CNBC's moderators at Wednesday night's GOP debate, issuing the sharpest attacks on the mainstream media of the 2016 election cycle.

Sen. Ted Cruz accused the moderators of trying to instigate a cage match, Sen. Marco Rubio called the media a super PAC for Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump slammed the "ridiculous questions."

My Response: The media doesn't care about any of the politicians, they're concerned with ratings. Politicians don't really want to hash out the issues, because they have no idea what their budget is going to be like until they enter office. Additionally, the public is so wrapped up in liberal mess, conservative mess and everything-else mess, they lose sight of the real issues, and focus on the nonsense. Everyone needs to get their acts together, talk about stuff that matters and get people that aren't all talk, with no idea how to put things in action, in office.

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